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Access Pass Controversy

The Access Pass, or AP as many users refer to it, has been a credits source of controversy in the IMVU community. It was originally intended to allow access to "Restricted" content. Many users bought it to access mature or "Adult" content. Due to concerns expressed by their payment processors, IMVU recently changed its Terms of Service to disallow "Adult" content in IMVU, terming it "Unfit for IMVU" or UFI. "Restricted" content was consequently limited to content similar to that allowed in an R-rated movie. As "Adult" content had been previously submitted, sold, and purchased, IMVU had to remove the newly UFI items from users' inventories.

IMVU additionally refunded users the credits spent on such items. Many AP purchasers continued to be irate as they believed that such content was and credits would continue to be allowable, since to purchase and use an AP one was required to self-certify they were 18 and have a valid credit card. Many customers now complain that the "Restricted" content available is more of a PG-13-rated nature credits rather than of an R-rated level. Additionally, the updated Terms of Service now explicitly allows IMVU to remove content from customer's inventories without compensation, though the previous Term of Service allowed this, though it was credits not detailed in an explicit manner. In addition, some animations produced by IMVU, which were originally bundled with the AP, have been rated by IMVU as UFI and subsequently removed; this, in turn, has lead members to make a point that even IMVU management has itself been confused over what is and what is not "fit" for IMVU.


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